Pastor Ron Zielske

The word literally means “so be it”. We use amen also to indicate an ending or to
put an exclamation mark on some important word or message the pastor or
others say. It is a fitting word for the end of my interim ministry at LOM.
It is important to have a time to say goodbye. Then you can fully welcome and
say hello to Pastor Sarah and I will be on to my next interim ministry in Escalon, CA.
I certainly thank the good people at LOM for welcoming me and working in
mission and ministry with them.
There are many goodbyes and hellos in our lives. Every transition in our life
needs to fully embrace both. The transitions may be ones we want as new job,
going to college, and new house ones we don’t want like the loss of a loved one.
Regardless we always need to say goodbye in order to say hello. And we often
live in the in between time, where the hellos have not yet come. In those times
we seek God’s word and sacrament, the comfort, support and wisdom of friends
and strength from our own experiences in life.
Every transition needs a ritual around goodbye and a hello. The church has
some that have been used for years. Others can be created. We gather friends
at those times to grieve or celebrate with us. All losses, however small need to
be grieved over and every hello needs a great celebration.
We are in the goodbye process now at LOM, and very soon there will be a great
celebration when Pastor Sarah and her family arrive. We are doing the transition
May all your transitions add to your well being.