Stewarding our Life

Pastor Sarah

Stewardship goes far beyond just our offerings.  It hits every part of our lives.  When God created the world, God created humankind in God's very own image to be in relationship with our world.  One of the first things God did was to command us to steward creation - to care for all of creation.

Last week in the Gospel reading from Matthew we heard how a landowner had created a vineyard and placed tenants there to tend the vineyard.  Those tenants worked hard, they poured their very lives into stewarding the vineyard.  In fact, they put so much effort into it, that they forgot whose land it was and felt they deserved credit for all they did.  They wanted everything for themselves and were even willing to kill for it.

Often in our lives we are like the tenants, we believe that what we have is because of our own efforts and has nothing to do with the God who created us in God's own image.  In the process we fail to realize we are stewarding what God has given us - our time, our gifts, even our very own lives - to care and tend for, but that it doesn't belong to us but to God. 

And these gifts go far and wide.  They include gifts of compassion and relationship.  How do we live our lives in response to what God has given us?  Do we live it in relationship with others?  Do we live it in prayer and encouragement for those around us?  Do we live it in study of God's Word?  Or instead do we live it in a grudging manner where we allow small snippets of God's Grace for the world to shine through, while the rest of the time is spent building up our idols to ourselves and the lives we believe we have created on our own?