Dog days of Summer

Pastor Ron Zielske

Tomorrow is the 4th of July, a day off for many people and a time for rest, and BBQ, being with friends or family.  The summer is also a time for vacation and time.  Rest is good for you body, mind and spirit.  After all, God set the example and took a day off.  Jesus frequently took time off for rest and connection with God. 
In our harried and hurried everyday world we wear out in no time and are grouchy, unproductive and don’t even like ourselves.  We need dog days.  God made us so we can live a balanced life of work and duties, rest, social interaction, physical activities, prayer and worship.  On a scale of 1-10 how are you in each of these areas?  Rate yourself and then list one or two things you can do in the area(s) that are really low. 
Then, find a friend who will encourage you in your balanced life.  Jesus said I have come that you may have abundant life.  Jesus was talking about life with him in a balanced way here and now.  
I wish you a balanced and abundant life.